How To Stay Focused While Reading A Book

Importance Of Reading

I believe reading, if not the best, is one of the best ways to increase your knowledge and understanding about anything. Reading can change your paradigms and habits. When you are reading you actually put yourself into a different space than you physically are. Your mindset will keep changing according to the books you are reading. It can work as a consultant for your business and your daily life. Reading has sharpened my thinking. In the past my thoughts were not organized. The more I read the more my thoughts got organized, which I am very grateful for. It can improve your focus, memory, communication skills and empathy. Studies show that reading can prevent brain decline by 32%. 

In this article, you’ll learn how to improve your mental focus like a laser hence you will be able how to stay focused while reading. You will learn how to enhance your willpower in order to increase your productivity. And also you will learn how to keep your mind clean from daily clutters like news so you can focus while reading or working. This is not motivational content, it’s a practical one. Back in high school when I recognized the importance of reading. I tried to read some books. Do you know what happened? I could not enjoy reading because I could not read well. Started reading a few pages and then it got boring. I really wanted to read but simply it was hard for me. It was like lifting weights that are more than my power. I even could not finish reading a single book in an entire year. Besides that, I could not understand the content of the book while reading. It is kind of funny but it was tough for me. 

The Secret Of  Staying Focused While Reading

As years passed it felt more as if I accomplished nothing. Until May 2018 I believe it was a turning point in my life. I really got bored of my personal life, I deeply wanted to change it. I was wandering around as if a soldier was lost in a war and on his way home. Something really interesting happened that year. I came across Bob Proctor’s videos on YouTube. He talks about the mental faculties of our mind. One of those six mental faculties that mankind owns is Will Power. This will power determines how serious and consistent we are. Your success is directly connected to your Will Power. It is also applicable to your mind while reading. When you start reading if your mind cannot stay focused you will get bored of reading. If you stay persistent and force your mind to continue again you will get exhausted. Which is kind of mental torture.
He says that just by focusing on something like a dot for a while like 10 – 20 minutes every day for a couple months will improve your will power. Then I thought about applying this method to improve it so I can read more books. After that, my mental focus improved enormously. It was unimaginable. I can’t express how happy I was. It felt like freeing myself from hell. Then I read book after book. I enjoyed reading a lot. Whenever I felt like my mind was cluttered I practiced that method to gather my mind focused, then start reading.

The Attention Grabber Era

We are living in a very cluttered and noisy era. We are bombarded by news from all over the world. You are just one click away from a disaster in the morning just before you take a look inside, and breathe well, take a good shower, do gratitude, go for a run. Unfortunately, social media creates an instant gratification for our mind. Therefore, the news attracts your attention easily. Because it creates an easy-earned dopamine.
If you wanna learn about dopamine, watch a video of mine or read an article on our website.

It’s one of the sources of information beside; other people (mentor), friends.

There are three primary sources of knowledge. You can gain it from your friends and relatives, other people like mentors and teachers, and the third one is through reading. You may not have great friends and relatives to learn from them and may not be able to afford having a mentor, but you can afford to read books.
In the past I read printed books, but as my reading volume increased I started reading on kindle devices. It is better to read paper books, because study shows that people who read paper books remember things more than those who read on digital devices. There are some advantages to reading on digital devices too. Such as it increases your reading volume, it is portable and easy to handle. 

Learn Years of Experience 

An author puts in years of experiences and knowledge in a book that you can read within a few days if not hours. Isn’t that awesome?
Elon Musk was once asked how he could manage to lead and design those two huge companies like Tesla and SpaceX. He paused a little bit and said: I have read lots of books. That sentence just shocked my mind. I asked myself why I should not read more. Elon Musk is the richest person in the world as of now 2022.

Reading Really Changed My Life

It cleared my vision and sharpened my thinking. I have read around 200 books about business and self-improvement. I can’t express how grateful I am now. Even though I learned English as a second language, I do understand books very deeply in this language. I do have some book recommendations for you. If you resonate with them, you can find them in the description section of this video. 

I will mention them at the end of this video. Make sure you check them out. If you read just one book a week, which I do, you will end up reading 50 books in a year. If you apply them to your life and business do you know how much your life will improve, a lot.
Of course you can make it a habit. The more you read the more you make reading a permanent habit. Repetition is the key to habit formation. I plan my reading before going to bed.
Let’s say I wanna read a book having 350 pages, divided by 7 days which becomes 50 pages per day. I know it may sound weird to plan your reading. But one thing I have learned over the years is planning. As a wise man said: If you are failing to plan you are planning to fail. Without having a system you may not be able to obtain high achievements. You must have a system and give command to your mind. 


We can conclude that by improving your willpower you will improve your reading skill as well. The more concentrated you are, the more productive you’ll become. If it’s the first time you are visiting my website, I’m Reza Taheri, a civil engineering graduate. But I’m no longer interested in that field anymore. I dedicated my time to making genuine contents like this, if you like it, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel

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