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How To Get A UK Phone Number?

Do you wanna know how to get a FREE UK sim card to receive sms? 
Do you want to know how to get a UK real phone number for sms verification? 

When I first started my ecommerce journey in 2019. I faced a lot of challenges. One of them was to have a UK phone number. I needed to receive sms verification. I am currently living in Turkey. Some companies do not accept Turkish phone numbers for sms verification. I know you need a UK phone number for your online business.

Therefore, in this article I’ll show you the exact instructions to get a UK sim card for a couple bucks and receive sms for free forever. 

This is the ultimate help for you to get a UK sim card for a few dollars and receive sms for free forever. Here you can read which countries Three supports.

The Three communication company sells UK sim cards. 


How To Get A UK Phone Number?

They offer different sim cards. Pay as you go, and pay monthly subscription. 

How To Get A UK Phone Number

The first option is to pay as you use in whıch there are no monthly fees. 
Receiving SMS is free. Sending sms, calling, receiving calls, and the internet are not free. In the following image you will see the differnt prices for the Pay as You Go option. You can go by whichever you want to.

UK Phone Number

The second option has a monthly subscription fee where are differnt monthly subscriptions. The pricing starts from €6/month to €16/month.

UK Phone Number

The sim card price is around €10 plus shipping. 
When you receive your sim card, go to their website and activate your Sim card.

Once you activate it, start using it. Receiving sms is free. You can turn off roaming on your mobile if you don’t want internet access. 

That’s it. Hey if you like this guide please subscribe to my channel. It will help me a lot to pump out more contents just like this. 

How To Get A UK Phone Number?

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How To Get A UK Phone Number?